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Foretruss is now Fore-Engineering

Foretruss is now Fore-Engineering: In 2016, we had stopped production of steel connector truss plates and since then focused on providing superior engineering solutions and support for Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia builders and manufacturers.

Now we provide engineering solutions via our new parent company AIMENG Canada Inc.

About Fore-Engineering

Fore-Engineering has been a provider of efficient engineering solutions and quality structural products, by supplying innovative solutions that help individuals and corporations in meeting their needs for customized, cost-effective solutions. Fore-Engineering constantly succeeds in meeting client demands for structural engineering services. by manufacturing industry-approved engineered products such as steel connector truss plates, Forewalls and Forejoists.

Site Inspection services, quality control methodologies and other structural design services are major strengths of the company.

Company History

Earlier when ForeTruss Systems Inc. was established in 1984, it has experienced steady growth ever since its opening. The company Fore-Engineering now, operates out of its engineering office located in Ottawa, Ontario under the umbrella of its parent company AIMENG Canada Inc. AIMENG Canada Inc. was established on June 21, 2002.

AIMENG Canada Inc. is an associate member of TPIC and has BCIN#27425 in Ontario


Fore-Engineering’s mission is to enable its customers to meet their operational demands in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner – to provide an engineering solution that will help customers to succeed in providing excellent service to their clients.

Why Fore-Engineering?

Fore-Engineering offers decades worth of professional engineering experience along with strong, quality products to meet client requirements in the most cost effective and timely manner, every time. At Fore-Engineering, the focus is always high-level customer satisfaction and ultimately, client success. Founder’s have the experience of operating steel truss plate manufacturing plant and truss manufacturing facilities in Canada.

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